Joint conservation venture open day 

This Sunday (16 October) we are offering the opportunity for whānau to Join Project Tongariro, The Department of Conservation and the Trust for a leisurely stroll along the Mangawhero Trapping Line and explore the environmental gains that have been made possible through this joint project Conservation Project.

Meet outside Ngati Rangi / DOC office at 9.30am we will then head up the trapline to return my midday where there will be a BBQ lunch. for more information give us a call in the office 0800 NRANGI / 06 385 9500


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October Kāhui Venue announced 

Papers will be uploaded to the Registered members section here closer to the 16th

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Pre 1080 Community Monitoring Hīkoi 

If you are interested in coming along, please call the office on 0800 N RANGI / 06 385 9500 or email

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2016 Hui-ā-Tau 

2016 Annual Report available online

Copies of our 2015-16 Ngāti Rangi Trust Annual Report are now available online please click HERE If you would like a hard copy version please feel free to give the office a call on 0800 NRANGI / 06 385 9500 or drop an email to

Rau Kotahi Election

It is with great pleasure we are able to announce Brendon Morgan has been elected as our new Rau Kotahi representative to the Ngāti Rangi Trust. It was a close election with Brendon winning 32-28 over Tom Mareikura.



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UPDATED Iti Maurea - 2016 rangatahi wānanga 


Sadly we have made the decision to cancel the Rangatahi Aspirations wānanga at Raetihi Marae in early October. While we've received good feedback about the kaupapa, it's unfortunate this didn't turn into actual registrations.
The NRT team are keen to now move forward with a Rangatahi Aspirations session at the upcoming October Kāhui hui at Tirorangi, 15-16 October, which will focus on personal aspirations, leadership, wishes and dreams for their iwi. These will run at the same time of the Kāhui on the Sunday, 9.00am to 12.30pm. 
If you have any pātai and for catering purposes, please contact Whetu Moataane on or phone the office on (06) 385 9500.


Next month we are hosting Iti Maurea - 2016 Rangatahi Wānanga at Raetihi Pah. For more information and Registeration Forms please head to our dedicated webpage. Please click HERE

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NRT / RAL Hīkoi to Tūroa ski field 

As part of the RAL Relicense Consultation, both the Trust and RAL have organised a Site Visit at Tūroa Ski Field for iwi members this Sunday. The purpose of the site visit is for Ngāti Rangi uri to view the ski field in full operation and will include karakia on Koro Ruapehu, kōrero from both Ngāti Rangi and RAL and a tour of the ski field.

When: Sunday 18 September 2016
Time: All day event, please meet at Maungārongo Marae at 9am

Transportation and lunch will be provided and to book a seat on the bus and for catering purposes, please contact Whetu Moataane on or phone the NRT office on 06 385 9500 / 0800 NRANGI

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Rau Kotahi Nominations & Hui-A-Tau venue change 

Hui-ā-Tau - Change of venue

The venue for the Hui-ā-Tau (AGM) 2016 has changed. This will now be held at: Raketapauma Marae
Maukuku Road, Irirangi, RD 5, Taihape (which is seven-kms south of Waiouru)

Notice of Election

There is to be an election for one (1) of the Rau Kotahi (Independent) Trustee positions on the Ngāti Rangi Trust at the Trust’s 2016 Hui-ā-Tau (AGM) on Saturday, 17th September 2016, at Raketapauma Marae from 10am. Notice is her bey given that the following nominations have been received for this position:

Thomas Mareikura
Brendon Morgan

For further information or for catering purposes to confirm your attendance at the Hui–ā-Tau please contact;
Whetu Moataane - Pou Honohono-Iwi or 06 385 9500

To find out more about our upcoming AGM or the nominees please click HERE

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Eight months 1080 consultation - Eight new NRT provisions 

Following eight months of iwi consultation Ngāti Rangi have added eight additional provisions before agreeing to support TBfree's proposal for a 1080 aerial operation in the Ruapehu.

Ngāti Rangi Trust Chair Shar Amner said the decision has been difficult and lead to a robust debate on the issue of pest control in the region.
“In short we don't support the poisoning of our environment and having a synthetic foreign substance dropped anywhere in our rohe is simply not appropriate," he said.
"However, we've had to balance this up against the threat posed to our native flora and fauna biodiversity from invasive species like the possum and taken time to carefully consider all the control options available here and now.
"Our taonga species are continually at risk not only from invasive species but also the displacement of plants and animals by introduced species."

Following extensive consultation, Mr Amner said Ngāti Rangi added eight provisions to the original OSPRI proposal covering the Southern and Western Ruapehu region and includes parts of the Tongariro National Park.
"As part of this agreement, in collaboration with Ernslaw One, Massey University, DOC (Department of Conservation) and TBFree, we're implementing our own water, bird, flora and fauna, and pest monitoring programmes.
"We also have a responsibility to all those who live in our community to ensure the protection and safety of not only our environment but what is also for hunters a valuable source of food, therefore the use of deer repellant will be used in some key areas."

While government legislation prohibits the dropping of 1080 in any river which supplies water to a town, Ngāti Rangi have successfully negotiated the inclusion of other key waterways and lakes along with increased exclusion zone areas.
"A number of employment opportunities have also been created as key water sources and our sites of significance will be monitored and controlled from the ground through manually checking monitoring stations and ground trapping.
"The ground control method was originally considered for the whole of the area but even if the cost wasn't an issue, we simply don't have the man-power based in the Ruapehu area to undertake this mahi (work) right now."

TBfree's proposal promotes three 1080 aerial drops over a ten-year period.
However Ngāti Rangi's ongoing consent is provisional on the success of each.
Analysis of all monitoring data will be completed before agreeing to each subsequent drop.


From TBfree

TBfree programme manager OSPRI will collaborate with the Conservation Department (DOC) to undertake a pest control operation over about 44,000 hectares of rugged alpine native bush in the Ruapehu district during September.
The district has been a hotspot for bovine TB over the years, and the aerial 1080 operation will target possums, with rats and stoats as by-kill, in an area that takes in large parts of Tongariro National Park between National Park village and Waiouru.
OSPRI has been in consultation with iwi within the control area for the past eight months, and a number of hui and community information days have been held.
The possum population within the forest has been monitored and found to be well above the required level for eradication of bovine TB. Levels outside of the forested area have been reduced to low numbers by ground control methods. To achieve the goal of eradicating TB from wildlife, possum populations must be kept at a very low level for a long time – fewer than one or two possums per 10 hectares for 10 years.
Aerial drops of poison baits are essential in the most rugged terrain where ground operations are difficult, expensive and risky for workers.
The TBfree programme collaborates on pest control with DOC operations in the area. The Government is putting an extra $20.7 million nationwide into aerial pest control over the next few months, and Conservation Minister Maggie Barry has said that control is particularly important this year as native forest trees such as beech and kahikatea are masting – producing more seeds than usual.
Rats eat the seeds and their population increases. Stoats eat the rats and their population increases. When the seeds run out, both rats and stoats turn to eating native birds, eggs, insects, bats and lizards. The most recent mast year was 2014, and extra money was spent on pest control, mostly in the South Island.
Aerial distribution of 1080 baits is planned during September, being dependent on appropriate weather and ground conditions, and the exact areas of focus will be determined nearer the start date.

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Great to be able to support this kaupapa 



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Like to join our Taiao Team? 

Like to join Ngāti Rangi's Taiao field team? Ruapehu Recruitment are taking applications for the Casual positions of Field Team Leader, Field Team Members and there is an Intern Role

For further information call Maria at Ruapehu Recruitment on: 0800 782 734 or 021 594 405 and to apply send your CV and a Cover Letter outlining your interest in the role, availability and contact details to or apply online HERE

Applications close at midday, Friday 12th August, 2016

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