This is a controversial topic, here you will find a lot of the science and reports about 1080 in water supplies...make your own informed decisions

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30/03/2016 14:12:37
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I export carrots that are washed in water coming from a 1080 zone? Am I putting people in risk?


Water residue analysis research contained in a report by C.T. EASON, G.R. WRIGHT, AND H. FITZGERALD says:

There was no 1080 detected in any of the water samples

examined. Therefore, there was no evidence of short or

long-term contamination of streams in Waipoua forest

or of the surface water or ground water beneath

Rangitoto after the sowing of 1080 possum baits. Even

on Rangitoto measurable quantities of 1080 did not

percolate through to the water table, despite consistent

rainfall over the sampling period...

The lack of 1080 in the water samples should reassure

the public and those professionally involved in habitat

protection that water contamination is extremely

unlikely after aerial distribution of 1080 possum baits.

During the 1970s the likelihood of 1080

contaminating ecosystems, including rivers and streams,

was modelled by Peters (1975), who concluded that the

levels of 1080 used in possum control operations

imposed an exceedingly small toxic burden on the

environment and that the chances of significant

contamination of either rural or suburban water supplies

were remote. (page 2)


To read the full report please click HERE

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