This is a controversial topic, here you will find a lot of the science and reports about 1080 in water supplies...make your own informed decisions

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How do you prevent pellets being dropped into the wrong place or into the water?

From TBfree: Exclusion zones can be established along public roads, rivers, lakes and around huts as required by consent agencies such as regional councils and district health boards. These are displayed on the screen of the global positioning system (GPS} unit mounted in each helicopter. When applying toxic bait along the edges of these exclusion areas we use a bucket with a very narrow swath width of about 12 metres. The pilot is able to see the bait falling out of the bucket and confirm that it is outside of the exclusion zone. It is not possible to see small streams through the forest canopy so some bait may fall into these small streams. The amount of bait entering these small streams is very small in relation to the large volume of water involved.

This is in accordance with the requirements of Horizons Regional Council - these are contained in the Whanganui-Manawatu One Plan. 1080 specific controls under the One Plan can be found in section 15-7 please refer HERE to the One Plan

 For all discharges^ :

(a) The discharge ^ must not contravene^  any requirement

specified in the manufacturer’s instructions.

 (b) There must be no discharge ^ within any rare habitat,*

threatened habitat * or at-risk habitat *, except for the

control of pest animals.

For all small scale applications from the use of a hand-held

appliance*  or by way of hand dispersal

(c) There must be no discharge beyond the boundary of

the subject property*.

 (d) There must be no discharge into any water body*.

 For aerial discharges of sodium fluoroacetate (1080) and

formulated substances containing 1080

(e) The discharge must comply with the controls under

the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act

1996, particularly sections 77 and 77A.

(f) reasonable measures must be taken to prevent:

(i) any discharge ^ of vertebrate pest control

products * within 10 m of the bed^  of a flowing

river^  or any lake^  or wetland^  which has an area

of 1 ha or more

(ii) any adverse effects^  on a rare habitat*,

threatened habitat*  or at-risk habitat*.

 (g) Where the discharge is located within 50 metres of a

sensitive area listed in Policy 15-1(e) notice of the

discharge must be provided to adjacent landowners

and occupiers at least 1 week and not more than

1 month before application and must include the

following information:

(i) the period when the application will occur,

(ii) the brand name and the chemical name to be


(iii) method of application,

(iv) safety precautions to be taken,

(v) the name and contact phone number of those

carrying out the application.

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