This is a controversial topic, here you will find a lot of the science and reports about 1080 in water supplies...make your own informed decisions

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30/03/2016 16:24:58
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What if a dying possum wanders/washes into a paddock and dies there. How will you prevent this? Will you be supplying and alternative water supply to farms who use water from 1080 catchments?

From TBfree: Possums may travel some distance before succumbing to the toxin they have eaten. This really depends on many factors like how much bait has been consumed, where was the possum travelling to or from at the time. You don't find many dead possum after an operation as they often die in their den sites. Those that are found will have eaten a significant amount of bait and died before getting back to den sites. There is a risk that toxic possum carcasses may be present in surrounding farm land. For this reason Epro will be letting landowners know of this risk. Epro will provide muzzles and emetic pills to dog owners that wish to use them. Dog owners will be reminded of the importance of restraining dogs and preventing them from scavenging.

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