So many views, so much science, what are we being asked? Have you found any other links you could share?

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26/04/2016 15:20:48
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Have there been any information produced for Māori about the impacts of 1080? lot of the research undertaken in New Zealand is by agencies and universities around the country. Finding iwi specific independent reports is quite difficult however there was an overview of 1080 and it's usage in the Whanganui National Park area was tabled at the Waitangi Tribunal during the Whanganui Inquiry. Written by Penelope Fisher who is the team leader Wildlife Ecology & Management team from Lincoln University, despite being written in 2008 this is a good overview document.

To read the document please click HERE

The Department of Conservation have also explored the question of 1080 from a Cultural perspective to watch their video please click HERE

Shaun Ogilvie a Māori Business Development Consultant at the Cawthron Institute has also being involved in researching Iwi and 1080 was part of producing the publication There's a rumble in the jungle: 1080 – poisoning our forests or a necessary tool which includes the chapter Kaitiaki: Maori and the environment 

To hear him speak on his research please click HERE


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