Easiest way:

Come to the Ngāti Rangi Trust office and we’ll install the software for you.


The independent’s way:

1) Download CyberTracker to your computer from http://www.cybertracker.org/software/free-download

2) Click here for a copy of the app to be emailed to you. Save it somewhere useful.

3) Open the cybertracker programme, then go Open Database to open the app that you saved in step 2.

4) Plug your phone into the computer. Click on “Install to Mobile Device” (last button on tool bar). It will then load the CyberTracker file to your phone, but not the app yet. (If it says 'Device not connected' try mounting the SD card or connecting as USB)

5) You now need to install CyberTracker on the phone itself. Go to your phone’s storage files. This could be under storage and usually has a folder. Within that there will be a file called ‘CyberTracker APK’. Hit to install.

6) Security issues? Go to Settings/Security. Tick the box that says ‘Allow installation from unknown devices’. Retry step five.

7) Once CyberTracker is loaded, you’ll need to go back to your computer and push “Install to Mobile Device” once more. This will then load the app for you. Unplug and you’re ready to go!