Ko tupua kawa, ko tawhito kawa, ko te mātoi o te Rangi, tēnei ra te taketake e Rongo-mā-rua-whatū mā, whakaeketia ki runga ki Te Wai-a-moe.

Puaiti i runga i te kawa, i raro i te kawa, ka tupu te kawa, ka heu te kawa, ka tapu te kawa, heke iho mai he kawa ora!

Ko te mana tēnei o tawhitorangi, o te pae ururangi e whakatangatatia ana e Ngāti Rangi.  E pupuru ake ana ki te mana o tuawhakarere, o tuaukiuki, e kawea ake ana i roto i ngā tikanga o tēnei iwi, mo te pou toko a Matua te Mana kia herea ai ki te kawa ora o Ranginui, o Paerangi e tū iho nei!  Tīna, toka te manawa ora!

Ko te Kāhui Maunga te mātāpuna o te ora.

The Mountain Clan is the source of our life and well being.”


Ngāti Rangi are the keepers of Matua te Mana and we speak as and on behalf of Matua te Mana through kawa ora.  Therefore the mana of Matua te Mana is upheld by Ngāti Rangi and expressed through our tikanga to ensure the respect, protection and safety of our Mountains, Lands, Rivers and people.


Aerial of the Wāhianoa catchment in Karioi with Koro Ruapehu in the background

Te Whakapae-ā-Iwi
For decades Ngāti Rangi has being objecting to the development of the Tongariro Power Scheme and continued diversion of our ancestral waterways out of their catchments and away from our rohe.  The eastern diversion of the Tongariro Power Scheme denies us the ability and responsibility to protect, nurture and uphold the awa ora. Since 2010 Ngāti Rangi has been working with the power scheme owner Genesis Energy to identify a process to help improve the imbalance placed upon the kawa ora.  Through an extensive Cultural Monitoring Programme we have worked together to develop Agreed Flow levels for Ngā awa o Tokiāhuru to mitigate some of the cultural, environmental, social, economic and political impacts on the awa ora. Today this mahi is continuing on other awa including the Wāhianoa and Whangaehu.

Ngā Awa o Whangaehu - Wāhianoa Aqueduct
The waterways that make up the Wāhianoa Aqueduct are of immense importance for Ngāti Rangi.  These waterways are the life veins from Mount Ruapehu as they descend from the maunga to join with the principal river of the tribe, Whangaehu.

Like to learn more about this mahi?

Summary of our Mahi to date:

1979  Tongariro Power Scheme (TPS); Eastern Diversion is completed
1999  Genesis Energy assumes ownership of TPS
2001 Genesis gains a renewed resource consent for continued operation of the TPS
         Ngāti Rangi appeals this decision

2004 Environment Court rules in favour of NRT reducing the consent period from 35 to ten years.
         Genesis Energy appeals this decision

2006 High Court rules in favour of Genesis Energy
         NRT applies for Leave to appeal to the Court of Appeal, this was declined

2007 NRT applied for special leave to Court of Appeal (with different conditions to 2006 application), this was granted
2009 Hearing held for 2007 appeal, majority decision was made in favour of Genesis Energy
         NRT applied for leave to appeal to Supreme Court
2010 NRT and Genesis Energy meet outside of court and agree to form a good faith relationship agreement. This ended the expensive court driven process
         Genesis Senior management come to stay at Tiorangi Marae to go on a hīkoi with NRT to gain a better understanding of the impact that their operation has on whānau
         Relationship group formed between both parties that continues to meet regularly

         Genesis energy committed to supply funding and mitigation action to NRT

2012 "Connected Flows” from three awa are released to re-join their source to the sea
2014 Research is undertaken to discover a culturally and environmentally acceptable flow for both parties to permanently release down the Tokiāhuru began
2016 A culturally and environmentally sustainable flow was released permanently down the Tokiāhuru. Mahi begins on Cultural Assessments for other awa
2017 Celebration of the renewed and rejuvenated health of the Tokiāhuru 

Ngāti Rangi Trust and Genesis Energy signing a Relationship Agreement on the banks of the Wahianoa

17 December 2010

Pānui - 12 March,  2017

After generations of mahi, you and your whānau are invited to join the Ngāti Rangi Trust and Genesis in celebrating the return of sustainable water flow levels to Karioi awa, the Tohiāhuru in 12 March, 2017 from 10.30am at Karioi

Free transport to the site is provided with buses departing 

Dempsey's, Raetihi @ 9.45am

Maungārongo Marae, Ohakune @ 10am

WPI, Karioi @10.30am and returning by 3pm

A picnic lunch is also being provided

Seats on the buses are limited so for catering and transport purposes, please RSVP to the Ngāti Rangi Trust.