Te Mana o te Wai  has been a significant guiding principle for Ngāti Rangi in their commitment to the waterways in our rohe. For several years we have pushed the authorities to maintain the essence of our awa as a focal point in their decision making advocating that the cultural and ecological health and wellbeing of our streams and waterways are given the authority they deserve. This has been our driving factor in our journey for the Mākōtuku, the Mākara, the Mangaone and the other tributaries directly impacted on from New Zealand Energy Limited and their activity.

This chapter of our journey has been a long one and we can't thank Hannah Rainforth, Keith Wood, Hollei Gabrielsen, our expert scientists and all the uri who have joined us on this hīkoi alongside Ruapehu District Council and the team at Kahui Legal enough.

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In an effort to continue to protect the cultural and sustainable health of our awa, since NZEL was granted a new consent in 2007,  Ngāti Rangi have been making ongoing submissions to Horizons objecting to the amounts of water being diverted  for the use in their power plant which is situated just outside of Raetihi. While we have just won the latest round with a decision in our favour by the High Court sitting in Palmerston North, we are now preparing to head back to the Environment Court where they have been asked to reconsider their original decision to grant the increased takes. In making his ruling, Justice David Collins had to decide whether the Environment Court had made material error of law when considering the appeals bought by the Trust, Horizons and NZEL.


To read the December 2016 High Court's full decision please click HERE 

To view some of the original submissions made to Horizons Regional Council in 2013 by Ngāti Rangi Trust, Ruapehu District Council, Uenuku and others who objected to the increase in take by NZEL head to the following links. To view these and other additional documents on the Horizons website, please click HERE


NZEL Resource Consent Application - #106031-106033

Submitter Evidence Tuesday 5 November 2013

Ngāti Rangi - Hannah Rainforth

Ngāti Rangi - Keith Wood

Submitter Evidence Thursday 31 October 2013

Ruapehu District Council - Peter Till

Ruapehu District Council - Anne-Marie Westcott

Uenuku Tribal Authority - Don Robinson