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What is being proposed, by who and over what time period?

Who are Ospri? Ever heard of TBfree?  Find out a little more about the proposed Aerial TB Control Operation using 1080 for Horopito/National Park and the people involved

10 10 04/06/2016 01:17:20

How are TBfree proposing to spread the 1080?

Learn more about 1080 the poison, how aerial drops are carried out and the rights of private land owners

10 10 04/06/2016 01:18:58

Is there an effect on our awa and water supplies?

This is a controversial topic, here you will find a lot of the science and reports about 1080 in water supplies...make your own informed decisions

10 10 10/01/2017 19:06:30

How does this forum work?

Get involved, learn how to make a comment or ask a question but, please remember everyone has a right to their opinion

6 6 28/12/2016 17:49:11

Specially for our hunters

Deer repellent, withholding periods, exclusion zones? Here is the place to find out more information about hunting and 1080

6 10 10/01/2017 19:00:43

What about the fauna?

We know 1080 can kill the possums but is there any harm to our plant species?

3 3 20/04/2016 17:09:11

Employment opportunities - there must be some surely?

Cost verses the reality, is it possible to trap the Tongariro National Park and create a few new jobs?

7 7 07/01/2017 03:16:44

1080 and Dogs

There are numerous reports on just how lethal 1080 is to dogs, how can we keep our puppies safe?

6 6 06/06/2016 10:20:32

TB and the Ruapehu rohe

Just how many cattle farms are there? Has TB ever been found and why should we care?

7 10 10/01/2017 19:03:51

1080 across online media?

Read, listen to or watch some of the latests 1080 reporting from a range of NZ media channels and feel free to add your own links for others to read

4 4 03/05/2016 09:37:10

Iwi and 1080

So many views, so much science, what are we being asked? Have you found any other links you could share?

4 4 10/01/2017 19:10:47