If YOU need any medical assistance/advice please call 111 IMMEDIATELY!

If you need medical assistance/advice for your ANIMALS please call Ruapehu Veterinary Service, Raetihi on 06 385 4611 IMMEDIATELY! 

While much of the 2016 operation is being carried out in the Tongariro National Park where dogs are forbidden to enter there are areas that this is not the case. Access to all major, known entry points have been sign posted with large warning signs (see below picture). Itʻs strongly advised that dogs are kept away from these areas until the all clear has been given. 1080 is a poison bait and is highly toxic to dogs. The drop area is all the land inside the blue line in the below map of the rohe.

A recent incident of a dog dying in Turangi after eating 1080 has highlighted the need to be careful around any area that a drop may have occurred. If walking dogs on PRIVATE LAND and you know there has been 1080 dropped in the wider area better to be safe than sorry and CHECK with the landowner first as to whether they have given permission for any drop!

Because of the rapid onset of clinical signs it can be difficult to treat animals after ingestion of 1080. Veterinary treatment should be sought urgently. There is no antidote to 1080 with treatment focussing on ridding the body of any 1080 and giving supportive care.

Inducing vomiting should be attempted as soon as possible. This can be done using a variety of household products such as:

- Crystal washing soda. Place a spoonful on the back of the tongue

- Liquid dishwashing detergent (not laundry or electric dishwashing detergent) Mix three tablespoons in 250mls (one cup) of water

- Dry mustard 1-4 teaspoons dissolved in 2050mls (one cup) of water

- 1-3 teaspoons of table salt dissolved in warm water. This is less effective and more dangerous so should only be used as a last resort.   

Are there any specific fact sheets available about dogs and 1080?

At this stage there have been none produced for the Ruapehu rohe. Below please click HERE to view one produced by the Auckland Council for a similar proposal

If you would like to view the 1080 SAFETY DATA SHEET please CLICK HERE